Rhinoplasty Chosen by Men and Women

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The rhinoplasty procedure is chosen by both males and females of all ages. Another name for this operation is a nose job. This one central facial feature is a major player in the composition of the face. If it is too long, too wide, too narrow, or is crooked, it can make the eyes, mouth, and face shape seem disharmonious. By improving this one feature, a person’s appearance can be changed and enhanced.


Males have rhinoplasty when they feel their nose is too short, long, wide, or crooked due to genetics or an injury. Noses are often broken during sports. If a man has played football, baseball, or wrestled professionally or in school, the chances that he’s broken his nose are increased. Boxing is another sport that can frequently lead to broken nasal bones.


Women often want a more delicate and slender nose if theirs is rather pronounced. Sometimes this facial feature can be attractive with a slight bump or in a size a bit larger than usual; other times it can distract from other features. When the nose is slenderized, made shorter, or even longer if it was too small to begin with, the other features come in to focus more readily. If the nose isn’t stealing the show, so to speak, the eyes and mouth can become the stars. Eyes and mouths are sensual and expressive facial features and allowing them to be at the forefront can create a more attractive facial appearance.

The Procedure

The rhinoplasty is performed by a cosmetic surgeon in a hospital or clinical setting. It is an outpatient surgery that requires anesthesia. The incisions can be made below the nostrils in the procedure which is referred to as an open operation. The surgery can also be performed via the nostrils in a closed procedure. There are pros and cons to each version of the operation; the decision will depend on the surgeon and patient’s preferences. Because the nasal bones are in mature formation by the late teen years, patients can have this procedure performed during adolescence. It will be approximately a year before all swelling has subsided and the bones have settled into a complete healing position. Sometimes the surgery is performed in two parts: one for the main procedure and a second one to cinch in the nostrils.

If you are considering having a rhinoplasty performed, you are not alone. It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed today. Whether you’re a male or female, teen or older adult, it would be wise to schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to discover the possibilities for your face.