Choosing the Hand Surgeon Who Is Right for You

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The procedure that you are about to undergo will have a profound impact on your life. It could be positive or negative, depending on the hand surgeon you choose. This will be one of the most important decisions that you will ever make, so take your time and perform your due diligence. The more comfortable and confident you are in your decision, the better off you will be when you undergo the procedure.

The first thing you want to learn when choosing your hand surgeon is the type of academic qualifications he or she possesses. You want to know whether or not the doctor is board certified in the exact procedure that you need. If the doctor does not clearly state those qualifications on his or her website, that should be a sign that you will need to speak with someone else. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask about the doctor’s qualifications.

Find out if the hand surgeon you are considering practices exclusively in this area, or whether it is something the doctor only performs occasionally along with other types of procedures. You could find out from his or her receptionist or you can find this information on the doctor’s website. If another practice area is highlighted more than hand surgery, that’s an indication that area is more important to the doctor than the procedure you are about to undergo. You will want to do all you can to make sure your doctor participates in your insurance plan. Otherwise you’ll incur a great deal of expense.

Pay a visit to some of the different doctors you are choosing between, and pay close attention to how you’re treated. Make sure, of course, that you call each office before you arrive. Get a feel for the office and the people who work there. If you are treated rudely or you have a bad feeling for any reason, that could be an indication of how you’ll be treated during and after your procedure.

Ask the receptionist how long the average wait time is in the office. If the receptionist doesn’t know, that could mean that he or she doesn’t normally pay attention. It could also mean that office doesn’t consider your time to be important. You should never have to wait an hour or more; in fact, you shouldn’t have to wait any longer than around 15 or 20 minutes to be seen by a doctor.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help if the time should ever come that you have to decide on a hand surgeon. By doing a little research, asking the right questions, and doing some legwork, you will have a much better chance of having peace of mind once your procedure takes place.