Alcohol Addiction Videos and 12 Step Programs

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If a person wants to kick a substance abuse problem, either alcohol addiction videos or 12-step recovery programs could work. A combination of both of these options could be even more effective for those who are battling addictions. If you add a therapist who is trained in substance abuse, recovery chances are enhanced even further. Alcoholism is a problem for both the drinker and his or her family members. It has a variety of negative consequences that can span generations.

Video or DVD

Viewing alcohol addiction videos or DVDs about substance abuse can be helpful in a variety of ways. These films can be shown during meetings, in the privacy of one’s own home, or in classroom settings. There’s something quite non-confrontational about this type of delivery system. The films are packed with information but the observer can passively watch rather than be called on the carpet about his or her behavior. Sometimes, this is the perfect way of obtaining insight.

12-Step Groups

Another effective way of kicking an addiction to liquor, beer, or wine is by participating in a 12-Step recovery program. For drinking problems, A.A. and Al-Anon are two highly successful programs where individuals can receive guidance, support, and information. These programs are called 12-Step groups because they are based on twelve steps that need to be taken in order for an addict to move toward recovery. Steps include admitting there’s a problem, tapping into spirituality, making amends for wrongdoings, and more. A.A. is the group that supports the alcoholic in recovery and Al-Anon is the group that helps family members and loved ones of alcoholics cope with the disease. There are a series of behaviors and destructive patterns that alcoholics and family members share. Learning about them can be part of a path toward recovery.

A Combination

Sometimes, alcohol addiction videos and DVDs are combined with support groups. The films may be shown during meetings or made available to members. If an addict or family member is seeing a therapist, these two components can be even more effective in the path toward sobriety. There are a variety of distributors for these films; a search on the internet should turn up several options. Searching the web for 12-step groups and therapists who specialize in substance abuse can also turn up solid options.

Alcoholism is a difficult problem to overcome alone. With the help of alcohol addiction videos, 12-step recovery programs such as A.A. and Al-Anon, and the guidance of a therapist who specializes in substance abuse, this problem can be handled. Information is a powerful tool, and all three of these treatment alternatives provide an abundance of it.