Effects Of Personal Hyperbaric Chamber In Treating Cancer

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What amazes me is to see so many people smoking even when it is clearly written in bold on the cigarette packs that smoking kills, we all know that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer but it seems that all these things are falling on deaf ears. Cancer kills but is that giving you sleepless nights? Then let me give you a relief by telling you that medical science has progressed to find out the cure for cancer but not all types and stages of cancer. Lung cancer due to cigarette smoking has no cure and let’s get that straight. So the only way to prevent it would be by quit smoking. But the other categories of cancer and a handful of them has medical treatment and therapy and one of the popular one is HBOT.

Here comes HBOT

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, the abbreviated form HBOT is one of the most phenomenally used treatment therapy for cancer patients. It is not a cure for cancer, but it acts as a cure for the side-effects caused by cancer. Lets find out the medical process for HBOT, to know how this can help in curing some of the side-effects of cancer.

HBOT is a process of letting a patient breathe in 100% pure oxygen inside a closed chamber having an atmospheric pressure 1-1/2 to 3 times more than the pressure under room temperature. A patient prescribed to step inside the chamber to breathe in oxygen under this set-up along with a fixed duration as instructed by the doctor.

What works for HBOT

HBOT gives the opportunity for people to receive 100% pure oxygen because that is one of the most basic and important nutrient for the blood cells and the tissues in our body. When in a closed chamber within a stipulated atmospheric pressure one receives pure oxygen through breathing and it helps remarkably in the healing process. HBOT as a treatment is widely used not just for cancer but to fight autism, thermal burns, injuries and infection in and around tissues to name a few.

How HBOT helps fighting cancer

Radiotherapy we all know is one of the basic treatments for cancer. Radiotherapy’s used mainly to damage the cancer cells in the area that gets affected by cancer but in the process often damages the red blood cells and the tissues in and around that area. Due to this impact, the red blood cells and the tissues get partially damaged which results in a much reduction in the flow of oxygen to those areas. Hence, the need for HBOT so that those semi-damaged red blood cells receive most pure oxygen in a sealed chamber.

What if HBOT was not there?

If HBOT treatment is not provided under such circumstances then the affected tissues tend to become all the more fragile and other problems start creeping in like ulceration and the eventual death of these tissues and cells which in turn takes a toll on the entire system and all of this just for the lack of oxygen supply in the affected areas. This is one of the most critical side-effects of radiotherapy that cannot be avoided because radiotherapy is one of the pre-requisites of cancer.

It is in times like this that HBOT comes as a magic potion in providing the much-needed oxygen to breathe in life to those affected areas. The tissues receive oxygen and starts healing along with the growth of new blood cells.

HBOT aids Lymphoedema

Lymphoedema is eventually followed by breast cancer along with a lymph module surgery. Researches have shown that HBOT helps people suffering from lymphoma. We all know that HBOT works tremendously well for the healing process as well as in reducing pain, through the medical procedure of HBOT, oxygen reaches all the swelled up tissues and helps in softening them and keeps the pain under control.

The contribution of HBOT is most valued in the field of medical science and goes a long way in dealing with cancer and fighting against it. HBOT is more like a magic wand that brings life to the dead tissues and damaged red blood cells. So if your child is suffering from cancer then don’t worry because an angel is waiting with her magic wand to heal him.