Do You Need a Skilled Nursing Facility?

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If you are in for a long-term recovery from an accident or illness, you want to be sure that you are someplace comfortable with a staff you can trust. One of the things you hope to find in a skilled nursing facility is an experienced staff that can provide twenty-four hour medical care in a setting that feels as close to home as possible.

Life in a skilled nursing facility is about much more than just quality medical care. Residents should have comfortable surroundings, with a variety of social and recreational activities to choose from. Nutrition is also an important part of any recovery, so residents should expect healthy, well-balanced, nutritional meals three times a day. Of course safety should be a primary concern, so the staff should make sure this is always a top priority.

Residents at a skilled nursing facility are there for different reasons. Some people may just be there due to the normal aging process, while others may be recovering from a chronic illness. Other causes for residency may include Alzheimer’s disease or other memory related impairments. Residents with memory impairments may have access to a special living community. Patients of this nature face unique challenges, and may require much more individual attention and structured activities. These activities may include things that encourage the continuation of past and present skills. Most residents will be required to undergo an assessment to make sure they are qualified for this type of program.

Not all residents in a skilled nursing facility require long-term care. Some patients may just need temporary assistance after a surgery or hospital stay. Family members of patients are also affected by the illness or injury, and sometimes they need some help providing the daily care that their loved one needs. If a care giver must travel for business or take a much-needed vacation they can utilize the short-term care options that are available. Residents who are in short-term care will enjoy all of the same benefits that patients in long-term care receive. Quality medical care, nutritional meals, housekeeping, assistance with activities of daily living, social interaction and daily cultural and social activities are available to every resident all of the time.

There are a variety of amenities available to residents in these establishments, such as religious services, comfortable common areas, courtyards and atriums, beauty salons and barber shops, fireside parlors and computers with internet access. Transportation services are also available, with handicapped vehicle access always included.

Having a family member or loved one with any type of illness or injury can be a tough situation to handle. If you are not able to provide them the care they need you want to make sure you find someone who can. Finding quality medical care at a price you can afford can be tough, that is why it is so important to check out any skilled nursing facility that you are considering thoroughly. You want to make sure you are getting the most for your money as well as the best care possible.