Gaining Muscle – With and Without Weights!

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Okay, so you are wanting to gain some muscle – right? But the question becomes, what is the best way to go about doing this? If you start looking around for information on gaining muscle and getting fit, you will probably begin to find some great information that can help you along your way. One problem, however, you may run into if you do “too much” research is that you start to see conflicting advice. Some people will tell you to stay away from weights – and will, in fact, make compelling points as to why this is a great idea – while others will tell you that weights are the only way to go… and will present evidence that makes you feel this must be the case. And so the question becomes, which option is better?

The first thing to realize is that both sides are, in fact, correct, as working out with and without weights each have their place. However, in spite of the fact that each has its place, the “place” each has is different – which means you will want to know how what your goals are, and which option this means you ought to go with.

Are you wanting to bulk up? Are you hoping to get ripped, to a point where you are having to buy larger shirts than you’ve ever had before because your old shirts tear when you put them on? Well, it’s unlikely you will be able to achieve this by working out without weights! In order to bulk up in this manner, you need to be hitting the gym, and you need to be working out with low reps and heavy weights.

If, on the other hand, you are wanting to go for that lean, “used muscle” look (that is, the sort of solid, toned body that appears as if it is there for practical purposes – think, for example, of a person who works on a boat and is always swimming places and pulling ropes and whatnot, and whose muscles are tight, taut, and practical-looking as a result!), putting yourself through regular, strenuous, non-weights workouts is the best way to go. Of course, you could also work out using weights, with low weight and high reps, in order to get this same look. But if this is the look you are going for, why not save the money it would cost to go to the gym, and instead work out at home (or better yet, outside!).

And no matter what sort of workouts you are conducting – or what sort of look you are going for in your workouts – it will be perpetually important to remember this simple fact: what you eat is going to have as much to do with the way you look (and with how effective your workouts are) as the workouts themselves! Eat healthy, live healthy, and build your body to a point where it is finally looking the way you have long desired for it to look.