Self-Assembled Medical First Aid Kits Can Nurse You Better and Faster

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Medical emergencies and injuries are uninvited guests. They occur when we least expect and leave us in moments of agonizing pain. Nonetheless, with the availability of right equipment and precautionary products, such instances can easily be surmounted without any major hue and cry. First aid kits are the prime available medical help one can get in times of emergency. Although any first aid medical outlet at your local nearby store can be quite overwhelming for you to make a kit purchase, but, often times it is advisable to create your own homemade specialized medical first aid kit as a ready-to-use tool. This is because your kit will be different from the prepared kits available on the market.

Reason to Create your Own Medical Kit

There are two strong facts regarding this. Firstly, your kit will have contents based on your requirements and activities you perform in your daily life. For instance, if you live a life mainly revolving around work and within the town, and do not make trips to wilderness for adventure, or play any sport; then it is unreasonable to include hiking or sports medical items in your kit. Such items are only meant for these activities.

Secondly, preparing your own first aid kit with your exact medical contents can be like your time saver, aiding you and guiding you well at the time of emergency.

However, you shouldn’t neglect the fact to include some basic medical items which you will learn in the consecutive list given below.

Basic Items and Tools to Include in an Aiding Kit

  • Bandages and Wraps
  • Safety Pins
  • Sharp Medical Scissors
  • Cotton Balls/Pads
  • Gauze/Dressings (about 4-6 of different sizes)
  • Non-adherent gauze (for burns or abrasions)
  • Adhesive bandages (about 4-8 of various styles)
  • Medical Tape
  • Tweezers
  • Pain Relievers
  • Antibiotics and Related Ointments
  • Band-aids
  • Wound closure strips
  • Antiseptic Towelettes
  • Ibuprofen
  • A splint
  • Antiseptic Wipes
  • Thermometer
  • Flashlights and Extra Batteries
  • Plastic non-latex gloves (a pair of two)
  • Mouth-piece for administering CPR (obtain it from your local Red Cross)
  • List of emergency phone numbers

Include all these items in your medical first aid kit depending on your personal requirement and the size of the kit you choose to accommodate.

Quick Tips

You can easily purchase an empty medical first aid kit at a nearby drugstore or from reputed dealers available online. Today, there are many medical companies that supply their goods through their established websites. You can browse for such authentic and popular companies regarding first aid supplies and avail medical kits and different items for your use. Nonetheless, make sure when you choose the container for accommodating the items, the texture of the kit should be durable and the kit should be roomy, suitable for all climates, simple to open, and easy to carry.

Plastic tackle containers or boxes for medical storage are ideal in such cases. They are lightweight, spacious, and some have handles to hold the box.

A first aid kit is a collection of supplies and equipment for use in giving first aid. It is recommended that all travel first aid kit are in a clean, waterproof container to keep the contents safe, aseptic. Use nitrile gloves for protection and reduce the risk of contamination and infection during medical examinations.