Finding the Right Alzheimer’s Care for Your Parents

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If you have parents who need Alzheimer’s care, then you probably have three main choices. You could take charge of them completely on your own, you could hire an at-home nurse, or you could have them admitted to long-term help. None of these options will be easy on you. As you look at your options, take into consideration the cost, comfort, reputation, and customer service of your choice.

Taking charge of your parents on your own when they are more advanced in this disease may not be a good idea. Many problems can arise that you might not be able to handle, and they could cause more problems. Aspirating food is an issue because sometimes people forget how to swallow. Your parents might lose their hearing because the body is forgetting, and this could also put them in danger. In the initial stages of it, it might be okay to be the caregivers. At this point, they still remember you, and that is the time that you will want to remember.

In the later stages of this disease, you will probably want to consider Alzheimer’s care in the form of home nursing or long-term help. Either one will be expensive unless you have insurance or government help, so that is definitely a consideration.

The cost of nursing help and long-term help is high. Even if the government is helping with costs, you still need to take the cost into consideration. Down the road when your parents pass away, you might have to pay the government back using estate money. This is definitely something to check on.

Another consideration is the comfort of the situation. Your parent’s comfort is an important consideration. Make sure that whether at home or in a facility, they feel at home and are cared for as you would for them. It is not easy in facilities because the aids have a schedule, and they often have so many patients. If you choose long-term help, then you might consider a small assisted living home where there are fewer patients and more personal attention.

The reputation of your choice is also something to consider. Make sure that the place or company that you choose is known for how well they treat patients. Take a look back on their record to be sure there are no reports of abuse or anything like this.

Customer service is another major area. Whether you have a nurse at home or your parents are in Alzheimer’s care at an institution, your parents and you should come first. That means, employees should not be taking smoke breaks rather than bathing your parents. This means that when a call bell is sounded, someone should come in seconds. Your parents should always have fresh clothing. They should never feel embarrassed or degraded for any reason. You as the power of attorney, should never feel belittled. You are your parent’s advocate, and you should be treated with respect just like they should be treated in this way.