Easiest Way to Stay in Shape

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Staying in shape has become a necessity these days. Keeping fit and healthy are pre-requisites to a normal life. I personally have bounced up and down the weight chart quite a few times! But to be honest the past year has been kind to me because I decided to take matters into my own hands.

The secret to staying fit as I have seen in my own case is to always have a balanced diet and to nudge in your personal favourites on and off. Dieting is never the solution as you end up putting on the weight lost once you stop the diet. All these ways are drastic and can affect your health in the long run. Depriving yourself of your favourite foods is wrong and is what eventually causes a relapse from your ongoing strives to lose weight. Thus it is important to binge once every 10-15 days, as that keeps the taste buds satisfied and you happy knowing you will at least get a treat for all your effort.

You should have 6 meals a day which would begin with a healthy breakfast in the morning as your metabolism is maximum in the beginning of the day and gradually decreases as the day progresses. Fruits should be eaten an hour before lunch. Lunch should contain a high fibre diet. In the evening you can have light snack (preferably not oily!) before dinner and to end your day with a nice big glass of milk. If you keep yourself adequately fed the tendency to overeat will soon be squashed.

Did you know that the human stomach is actually supposed to be the size of your two palms together! Yes that is what was intended to be our stomach size. Since the stomach is elastic and can expand, it keeps on expanding with our diet and does not cease till we put a stop to our over eating. Hence small meals and a little exercise (jogging really helps) is all you need. Your stomach will gradually decrease in size and will stop accepting large helpings of food.

Losing weight is a gradual process and can not be done in a day. Stick to this plan and you should get results as I did. Once you do start losing weight all your problems (physical per se) are gone. You are active throughout the day and you, yourself stay fit and happy. Not only is it a visual bonus to be fit but great for self morale appraisal. Best of luck in your battle and may you also succeed as I did.

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