How to Make Every Guy Fall for You? Learn These 7 Things and Make Them Fall for You Always

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It’s every girl’s dream to have all the guys around her fall for her; and, why not? She certainly feels elated and special to know that and it really isn’t difficult to make every guy fall for you with the following tips.

Pay attention to your looks

Paying attention to your looks is of prime importance. See that you are presentable at all times whether you are to go out with your guy or he’s just coming over to meet you. Time is no consequence to be presentable or not.

Be of strong disposition

Today men fall for women of strong disposition who are confident to the core. Guys will just fall for you once they see how confidently you conduct your affairs. They will admire you and find you irresistible, so long as you do not let this quality override them later.

Be as humorous as you are jovial

Guys will like to see the lighter side of your nature. So be jovial and humorous. They would love it when they see you laugh heartily at their jokes. You should be able to keep the crowd alive with your humor and lightheartedness.

Be an intelligent conversationalist

If you want a guy to really fall for you then beauty alone is not going to do it. You also need to be intelligent and wise. You should show him that along with being social you also are an intelligent conversationalist. You should be a well read person able to talk on a number of subjects.

Maintain a center of attraction personality

Just being social is not sufficient. You need to be the center of the crowd and be able to hold everyone’s attention when in company. A guy likes to feel that his gal is the most admired around and that he is the envy of them all.

Don’t be intimidating

While being social be careful not to be imposing or intimidating. Guys fall for girls that are approachable and friendly. While the girl needs to make them feel like the guy she’d like to be with. This is a quality which will make any guy fall for you.

How good a listener are you?

Just being a good, intelligent and social conversationalist isn’t enough; are you a good listener as well? You have to show that you are an equally patient listener and genuine with your opinions and suggestions when asked. If you want the guys to fall for you learn not to force your views at all times.