How Do I Succeed in My Relationship With My Dream Guy? 7 Things You Need to Do Right Away

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There is no such thing as an ideal guy or ideal girl. The fact is that when you are in love you do tend to overlook your partner’s shortcomings and put him/her on the pedestal. If you feel that the guy you are presently dating is the perfect guy it is because you too are on the same wavelength. Here is all that you need to succeed in your relationship.

Take every thing with a pinch of salt

As time goes by you will realize that he is not as perfect as you thought he was. Well, to avoid future disappointments it is advisable that you consider him a normal guy that has lots of plus points and few drawbacks. Once you do this you will not put yourself under undue pressure to succeed.

Don’t try to live up to others expectations

If your guy is academically inclined or is a great athlete then you don’t have to match him step for step. Instead identify your strengths and be proud of them. The moment you try to live up to others expectations you are likely to falter. Remember there is more to life than mere sports and education.

Believe in yourself

The moment you attain a degree of self confidence you will stop worshiping your guy. Treat him like you would any other guy and he will not get carried away by all the appreciation and compliments you shower on him. The best way to spoil your guy is to make him feel that he is someone extraordinary.

Assert yourself when needed

Your fondness for him does not mean that you become his ‘yes girl’. You have an independent mind and you have to assert yourself from time to time. This will ensure that he treats you like an equal and does not take your affection for granted.

Take time off from the relationship

Once in a while you have to artificially create a distance between the two of you. When you are not around all the time he will value you more as he realizes that when you are around his life is a lot more comfortable.

Tell him your expectations

For the relationship to succeed both should know what they are expecting from each other. When there is perfect balance in the give and take your relationship will succeed.

Develop an all round personality

Personality development should always be in the “work in progress” mode. Keep on improving so that you become the ideal woman. When he sees that you are intelligent, smart, loving, caring and beautiful he will stay with you for as long as you want him to.