7 Silly Mistakes You Should Never Make When Dating Men! You Shouldn’t Miss This at All

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There are certain things that you must scrupulously avoid if you want the man to stay after the rosy period of the relationship is over. If you commit these common mistakes he will leave you even before your romance gets a chance to blossom.

Take each day as it comes

Initially every thing will be rosy and you will feel on top of the world. However, these good days are not going to last forever. Once the newness of the relationship is over you should not begin pestering the man for a commitment. He will do that unless he is convinced about a future with you. Also make sure you never ask him the question “Do you really like me?”

Snooping around

Don’t try to pry information from him or go through his personal stuff unless you have compelling reasons to do so. Men don’t like doubting girlfriends as they find it difficult to convince them about their honesty. Also make sure you do not go around asking his friends what he thinks about you.

Unkempt looks

Never present yourself shabbily dressed with unkempt hair and stale makeup. Make an effort to go out with him looking your best. He should take pride in showing you around. No matter how well you know him always dress up for him.

Fidgety and bumbling

He is your boyfriend and there is no reason to act nervous and out of your elements when he is around. When you are confident about the way you are it adds another dimension to your personality and he will like it. However, if you start acting nervous he will doubt that you are hiding something from him.

Sex to please him

Never ever use sex to make up for your other shortcomings. You don’t have to act like a prude but don’t be too easy as that sends a wrong signal. He will either begin to use you or will start thinking that you are low on morals.

Don’t treat him as your crutch

Acting clingy and desperate will send him running for cover. Don’t forget your friends, hang out with them and have fun even when he is not around. Also don’t ever drag him when you go shopping.

Maintain a distance from other men

The fact that you are now seeing this guy exclusively you will have to maintain a safe distance from other men. No flirting and no partying with other men when your guy is not with you. He should not get any ideas about you.