Should I Approach a Guy Who Is Out of My League Or Not? 7 Really Vital Tips You Must Know

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All people are special in their own way. Leagues and such demarcations are all created by our own insecurities. So here is what you should do when you want to approach a guy who you feel is out of your league.

Get a grip on the way you think

First things first, you have to start working on the way you are thinking. Get over this league business and start to think of every person as your equal. Only once you are able to do this will you be able to approach this guy in the right way and be successful.

Identify your strong points and work on your negatives

Before you make a move on this guy you have to learn to identify your strong and weak qualities. Develop your strong aspects and work on you negativities. That will make you a stronger, more confident and a more self assured woman and this in turn will help you attract guys to yourself.

Start doing your homework on this guy

Instead of wallowing and whining about how out of league this guy is you need to get cracking and start working on getting more information on this guy. Get to know the kind of places he likes to go to, what his interests are etc. With the right information you can achieve anything.

Get moving in the right circles

Once you know the circle he moves in you need to look for a way to get introduced to his circle. Once you know one or two of his friends you can easily approach them to talk to them when he is around and the problem of getting an introduction is solved.

Don’t act giddy when you meet him

When you meet your man you need to be in control of your nerves. Don’t act giddy and school girlish in front of him. Instead be confident and smart and he will continue the conversation long enough for you to become good acquaintances.

Charm him with your wit and simple conversation

When you get talking to him you need to be in full control of the conversation. Be funny, witty and intelligent and weave your spell on him. Nine out of ten times a guy asks a girl out when he has had a good conversation with her than when she is just a good looking chick.

Be a lady and play hard to get

When he eventually asks you out don’t jump and say yes. Be a lady and make him pursue you. Tell him that you are busy on the given date but ask him to call you and you could meet some other time. Do this and your out of league guy will not seem so out of league anymore.