Why Is a Player Exciting – But Not Good For You?

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A player. Just the sound of it already connotes danger. Yet, we, male or female, end up deliberately head over heels at these vicious creatures. Admit it. One way or the other, you’ve ended with a player hoping that one day, s/he will really fall for you and change for you – then got ripped to pieces. There are even times when you fall for the same player or tactic over and over again and yes, got torn over and over and over again. What’s a player, anyway? Why is a player exciting? And, why is a player not good for you?

What’s a player?

• A player is extremely adorable.
• S/He comes with such irresistible charm that is very difficult to repel.
• A player looks ravishingly gorgeous.
• His/Her looks are combined with flashy and expensive things.
• S/He seems to be very confident of him/herself.
• S/He is a smooth talker. S/He knows the right words to say and where and when to spill them.
• S/He is a pro when it comes to subjects like Seduction and Flirtation.
• S/He has a lot of fe/male friends and when they’re around, you smell the stiff competition burning. It’s in the air you breathe.
• To them, every single soul of the opposite sex whom they see fit is “the one.” S/He might call you darling and you’d go giggling all day because s/he did. But take note of this, s/he is surely calling everyone else the same endearment.
• Your friends know. They will rub it onto your face. They will tell you that s/he is no good for you. That s/he will nothing but a future pain in the butt. But, since you are blinded by his/her perfect smile, shiny, perfectly cut and soft hair and mouth watering physique, you will not listen to them.

Why is a player exciting?

• Because of his/her good looks, s/he seems to be a real good catch. Who doesn’t want to walk beside the most gorgeous creature on your side of the planet, right?
• S/He knows the right places to go.
• S/He may make you feel that you are the luckiest wo/man alive for winning his/her love and affection. And by feeling that you are so lucky to have him/her by your side, you get to be proud of yourself by winning such a wonderful prize.
• The competition is stiff. Even if you are the “it” guy/girl right now, that doesn’t give you the assurance that s/he will always be by your side. That’s why you keep on doing things which you believe are capable of making him/her stay.
• Making him/her happy is always like a prize you need to win.
• S/He exposes you to wonders you’ve never experienced before. These things make him/her more addictive as s/he can possibly be.

Why is a player not good for you?

A player is not good for anyone (for that matter) because a player is someone who is born to break people’s hearts. No matter how hard you try, how much effort you exert, you will never be good enough. S/He will keep on looking around. S/He will keep on having affairs with others. A player takes pride of how many wo/men have cried over him/her. S/He will never take you as someone s/he will be with for the rest of his/her life. When someone better comes along, expect that you’ll be ditched at any second – without a single drop of hesitation. You will always be a booty call no matter how sincere your love is for him/her. Falling for a player spells disaster.