Know The Types of Relationship That People Engage

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Present young and single people have never had it so good when it comes to relationships with the opposite gender. There is a wide range of man-women relationships, to choose from. The main one is the boyfriend- girlfriend sort of relationship where both are willing and commit to get married. The lucky ones, with family support may get married, while others get married on their own and still others may engage in a sort of living-in arrangement, as long as it goes without hindrance.

The other kind of relationship is the more mature and cool one where sex is the combining reason, but without any other commitments in their relationship. Any type of relationship to be fruitful, both to the mind and body,has to have an emotional commitment. So here both parties to this kind of relationship get no fulfillment from their relationship, except sex. Here the parties to this kind of relationship may tend to stay with only one partner of the opposite sex.

In contrast to this one more kind of relationship is where the partners are very good companions, share all their thoughts and feelings and have sex as and when they feel. In this kind of relationship there is no guarantee that they will not have relationship with others also. It is like a free for all but not with who ever asks for. Here parties to this relationship will have something in common, such as groups, same vocation, similar interests etc.,.An off-shoot of this kind of relationship,is one where the parties have relationship exclusively for sex.

One more kind of relationship is called the platonic love. Here the parties are like true lovers but with the exception of having sex and not intending to get married. Here the parties stick to one another and do not have any other partner. Here, like true lovers, they share everything, like their thoughts,feelings etc., but stay as such and are not inclined to mary. This relationship is truly a hard proposition to keep up, for there is a lot of difference in having this kind of relationship between parties of same gender and opposite gender. While discussing or sharing intimate details and when that position is supported by the other gender, the underlying sexual feelings makes its unsolicited appearance. The greatness of this platonic love is the parties do not succumb to this sexual tension.