7 Little Things That Can Make a Better Relationship

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Life is very busy is a common comment heard. This constant busyness adds to stress and decreases your relationships with others. However, if you invest a little bit of time in relationships with others, you might find your stress level reduced and make better relationships. Friends and family have a healing effect that makes your life happier and thereby reduces stress. What follows are seven things you can do on a busy schedule.

1. Write a note.

Yes, life is busy. You do not have to write a long note, just a brief one. Write “thinking about you” or “you mean a lot to me.” While you could hand them the note, you could also slip it in the book you are returning to them, their bag, or somewhere that might happily surprise the person later.

2. Say thank you

This is the easiest and quickest of all. The thank you can be for helping you. The thank you could be for being a good friend. The key is to say it and mean it, this can make a difference in a relationship.

3. Offer to help

Perhaps you do not want more on your plate, but you can offer something along with what you are already doing. Maybe you are going to get something that is only at a store on the other side of town or in another town. If the friend might need something from that store, you save the friend time and only spend a few more minutes of yours.

4. Change a bad habit

This may seem strange, but maybe you smack your gum which annoys your friend. Make a point of not doing something that annoys your friend.

5. Just dinner

Tell your friend or family member you would like to meet for just dinner. Your schedule may be full, but you have time for dinner. Explain you can stop for dinner, but then need to go. It is a way to spend a bit of time together.

6. Pick up extra

You are on your way to the soccer game, but stop to grab something from the convenience store. Why not grab your fellow soccer parent their favorite candy bar or drink?

7. Rearrange your schedule a little.

You walk, your neighbor walks. You can rearrange your schedules just a bit to walk at the same time and spend time together.

While these are little things they can make a better relationship with friends and family. By sharing and caring about others you bring them joy and also bring joy to yourself.