Is Your Heart Sick Because You’re Not Still With the One You Love?

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We all make mistakes, and sometimes relationships end. If you want to recapture that lost love, make sure that you never becoming over persistent in your endeavor to get them back. I would suggest that your approach should be totally unconventional. Your ex is probably anticipating that you will call them or text relentlessly. The first thing you should do is simply stay away from them for a little while. This has a dual benefit.

It gives you an opportunity to see where you went wrong, and also starts there mind to wondering. They are expecting you to pursue them and by doing the opposite it almost forces them to think about you. If you run into to them be very polite and don’t be pushy at all. Often times, after they go home they will start thinking about you, and don’t be surprise if they call you first. But i have to reiterate, it is so important to be patient. I know it’s not easy. But the good news is that most relationships can be salvaged. I am not trying to give you false hope. If you know in your heart that you caused the other party pain and you still love them and you believe that they still love you, you owe them a great deal of patients and respect of there personal space. They will respect you for that.

While you are waiting for your lost love to come around, focus on getting yourself in shape, and pursue other activities that will help take your mind off of them.