How to Easily Turn a Guy on! 7 Key Buttons You Can Always Press to Turn Him on Instantly

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You like this particular man and have exchanged looks that also indicate his fondness for you. Now you want to convey a message that you too want him intimately. Well, you will have to turn him on and do so without others getting whiff of what is on your mind. Only he should be aware of what you are up to.

Dress differently for him

You have a way of dressing and he knows your style and cuts. To turn him on you will have to make some subtle changes to the way you dress. When he is around wear low cut blouses, shorter skirts, or trousers that do not show a panty line, when he notices it give him a mischievous smile and move on. Your change of dressing style should not escape his attention.

Have a hearty laugh

Whether it is a throaty laugh or a shy smile make sure you make eye contact with him. Play with your hair and adjust your tresses in a seductive manner. You can also run your fingers over your neck line or fidget with your accessories to further enchant him.

Play with objects in a suggestive manner

When you are having dinner with him play mischievously with objects that have phallic appearance. The stem of the glasses or fruits like banana, cherries and grapes can be handled in such a way that conveys what is on your mind.

Body language

Maintain an open posture when you are seated opposite him. Cross and uncross your legs and let him have sneak peek at those thunder thighs. Lean forward when he says something or go close to his ear and whisper something naughty. Wear a pleasant perfume and make sure you have mint fresh breath.

Sexy talk

When you are speaking to him lace your conversation with sexual innuendo or crack naughty comments and jokes. Dirty talk is what all men without exception enjoy and get turned on by. Make him aware that you want him in bed desperately.

Touch him

Use your touch effectively. When he is close try and brush past him nonchalantly and look him in the eye while doing so. If you are in a confined space get closer to him so that he feels the heat in your body.

Do what you are doing confidently

All the above tricks that you are trying should be done confidently. Nothing turns on a man more than a woman that is confident and ready to go the distance to get what she wants.