Getting Ready to Start Again After a Separation

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Getting over a bad separation takes time. The longer you were with the other person and the worse the split up; many areas of your life will be affected by the separation. You possibly will lose mutual contacts; argue over finances, property and experience losses on multiple levels. In order to hurry up the recovery process, it is essential for you to take steps to reclaim your power. We often don’t realize how much of our own power we have given away in a relationship until things start to go badly and separation occurs.

A sense of personal choice is vital if you are going to feel better. You need to reclaim your breathing space. Remove from your living surroundings and everything that reminds you of the relationship.

Don’t go along with everything your ex wants, start setting boundaries. Does your ex not take no for an answer and insist on calling you in the least point of day or night to talk things out or criticise you? This is not acceptable you should not put up with it! Established the rules of communication with your ex in no uncertain terms and stick to them.

Did your ex deal a serious blow your self-esteem and your trust in others? If so, you might want to get some short-term analysis to put things in perspective and keep you from building up further walls around your heart. You need to let individuals in, even though you have been wounded, and will for the most part certainly be wounded in what has to come in the future, but there is no other way around it: You have to take the risk of getting hurt in order to heal the hurt. If you can not afford to see an expert, your friends and relations might be a significant support at this point in time. There are forums and other groups obtainable on the internet to link up with who have had similarly bad separation.