How to Work the Imagination and Tease All of His Senses? Here Is What You Should Know Right Now

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Most women think that it is going to be difficult to turn a man on by teasing his senses, but it is actually not! All you have to do is build confidence in yourself and be daring enough to do the unexpected! Here are some terrific tips that will make his imagination run riot!

Don’t reveal too much of yourself

It is a good idea to wear clothing that does not really reveal too much! Make him want to see more of you! Let there just be a hint of your luscious curves! If he gets lucky enough to glimpse an attractive cleavage or a length of leg, then he is going to be wildly attracted to you.

Be insinuating and drop hints

Though he might be crazily attracted to you, he might not really show his feelings because he is unsure of how you will react! It is better therefore to let him know in sly, subtle and sexy ways that you would love his attention. Insinuate that you have nothing to do on the weekend and drop hints that make him confident of your feelings.

Send him a sizzling invitation

Many times, invitations act like ice-breakers! If you send him a sizzling hot invitation that hints excitement, fun and a lot of other things, it is going to set him on fire! Not only will his imagination work double time, but he will be in anticipation right through the day!

Send him silent admirer notes

One way to stimulate his senses is to send him notes that range from cute to sexy and wild! You don’t have to really sign these notes – just make sure they convey the message that you think he is hot! Getting these notes will boost his ego and he will trot around like an alpha male. He will constantly be on the lookout for the author of these notes and you can give him hints and signs that it is you!

Look exciting and ravishing

You should do your best to look really gorgeous and ravishing. When he looks at you he should automatically be excited and aroused. If you can manage to be in close proximity with him, it will help to tantalize and tease him more. Before you know it he will want to be alone with you.

Show him you know how to party!

No man likes a wet blanket or a woman who is uptight, sulky and moody no matter how gorgeous she looks! Apart from being “eye candy” you should know how to lighten up and be the life and soul of any party! If he begins to thoroughly enjoy your company, then he will start to be deeply attracted and aroused by you.

Invite him to share a dance class with you

Inviting him to a dance class with you gives you numerous advantages. You will get plenty of opportunities to tease and work his imagination. He will be holding you in is arms and you can make him aware of your beautiful body as you glide across the floor!