How Do I Know If Its Ok to Make Out With a Guy Before I Am Officially Dating Him? Read This Now

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If you are in a dilemma as to whether to makeout with a guy before you date him then pay heed to these vital tips so that there are no complications at a later stage.

Avoid making out under pressure

If you really like a guy but notice that he is putting severe pressure over you to make out with him even before a date then do not succumb to such pressure.

Chances are that he might not stop with a makeout session and might soon demand more during the very first date itself.

Understand your own intentions first

If you are quite adventurous and do not mind a makeout in a bid to have some fun, then you can simply go ahead.

However, you should make it clear with your chosen guy so that he does not get the wrong idea and complicate matters with you in the future.

Do it if you simply want a little practice

If you have been out of touch in the dating area and want to get back with a little makeout practice then again you can just go ahead and makeout with a guy that you like.

It might enable you to get some serious practice so that you can be ready whenever you actually meet your dream guy.

Set up limits

Even if you do indicate that you want to makeout with a guy before you start to date him, you should make sure that you set up a limit of how far you plan to go.

It might simply get embarrassing or downright dangerous if you try to stop your guy from trying to touch advanced bases in the middle of a passionate makeout session.

Make sure to study your guy

Instead of trying to make out with the very first guy that you meet and end up getting mentally or physically bruised, make sure to study your guy.

If your chosen guy seems mature enough to comprehend that you simply want a makeout session before you decide on whether to date him or not then you can go ahead otherwise you should simply not mention your feelings if he seems immature.

Remain ready

You should be mentally and physically prepared for a makeout or even for a rejection in case your guy balks at the idea.

Your clothes should be fashionable, your lips totally kissable, and your breath completely fresh so that a mere wink at your guy gets him in makeout mode without any problems.

Do not make it into a habit

If you do not want to tarnish your image as a girl without morals then you should not make it into a habit by asking guys to makeout with you even before a date.

This will only end up attracting the wrong kind of guys towards you and in turn leave you dejected when they lead you through a path of lies and deception.

If you feel that you simply cannot wait for that first date or if you have an instinct that this is the guy for you or simply want some kissing practice then you can makeout with a guy even before you date him.