If You Are a Caregiver

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The ultimate people person, Caregivers get on with everyone – this trait is also known as agreeableness. Forming and maintaining good social relationships is important to Caregivers. They are sociable, willing to chat to anyone and always interested in other people’s opinions. People feel at easy when they are with Caregivers and seem willing to open up to them; they are brilliant at comforting other and generally know the right thing to say. They would rather ask questions about someone else than talk about themselves, and are always around should a friend need a hand with moving house or a shoulder to cry on.

Putting others first is what Caregivers do best. They are usually the person checking that everyone is happy and having fun. It is no real surprise that they are so popular: Caregivers are often described by others as compassionate, empathic, optimistic, kind, tolerant and warm, and they always see the best in people.

However, being too generous with their time and emotions can put Caregivers at a real disadvantage. They end up forgoing their own pleasures to put others first, and a common complaint among Caregivers is that they don’t have the time or energy to pursue their own goals and dreams. They are so keen to maintain social harmony and be co-operative that they back away from conflict, even if tey know they are right or if it means they will be taken advantage of. This makes it hard for them to say no, too, so they can end up talking on tasks they don’t have time for, and emotional problems that aren’t their own. Caregivers sacrifice so much for other that, unfortunately, they can be at risk of embodying the phrase “nice guys finish last”.