How Do I Get Any Man to Make an Effort to Impress Me! Here Is How to Make This Happen Fast

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Everyone has aspirations and desires. Some women want to be in a position of power where their men are concerned. While it is not good to be dominating and a bully, it is wonderful to have men around you wanting your attention. To be in this position there are some things you will have to do to make a man try and impress you. Try out these tips.

Look like second best is not for you

Let the guys around know that you are not the type of women to get into a relationship very easily. By showing them that you will not settle for “second best”, it makes them try their best to be “No. 1”! To be the best in your eyes, a man will try very hard to impress you with his looks, talents and accomplishments.

Have high standards

If you lower your standards, the men around you will start to think that anything and anybody can impress you! This won’t make them vie for your attention. This is why it is important for you to have high standards so that the guys around you will do anything to be on par with you.

Try for the No.1 spot

If you are not the best, men will not try to grab your attention and impress you. You will have to try to be the No.1 in the “eligibility spot”! If they think of you as a prize that they should win, then they will work their hardest to impress you. Be better than the other women around and you will succeed.

Impress the hell out of him

He should first be impressed by you. Your personality, charm, accomplishments and talents should get him hooked! Once he begins to think that you are the perfect and ideal woman, he will do anything to get you. This includes trying to impress you.

Dare to challenge the best

Everyone knows that a man will automatically try to chase a woman who is different from the rest in every way. If you dare to challenge the best and make men admire you for your qualities and personality – you can be sure that you will have plenty of admirers all waiting to have a chance to be your man.

Make them acknowledge your superiority

Once they know in their hearts that you are worth pursuing and having, it means that they acknowledge your superiority. This will make them do anything to get your attention. They will try to impress you so that you choose them over the rest of the other guys.

Look like a sex goddess

Men are suckers for beautiful sexy women. If you look like a sex goddess you have won half the fight! Every man around you will try to impress you because he desires you and wants you for his own. The fact that you are so gorgeous and available will goad them into putting up quite a show to impress you.