Heartbroken Poems Can Help You Heal A Broken Heart

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Writing heartbroken poems is a good way to get over a break up with a person you love. Perhaps you have written sad poems before after you lost someone special – a pet, a friend, or maybe you had some changes in your life, like moving away or other sad events. Yet, nothing surpasses a break up in inspiring sad poetry. In as much as love and joy can inspire love poetry, break ups and divorce are usually what had inspired many of the heartbroken poems written.

People who try to get their thoughts organized through poetry often get the feeling of release from the emotions going through their minds. If you have never written a poem before, and had just gone through a sad phase in your life, then you could try writing one now. It doesn’t have to rhyme, nor does it have to use difficult words All you really need to write a good heartbroken poem is the experience, and the desire to heal from the pain that a break up or a divorce brings. You may find that the process of writing a poem would help you heal the pain.

Whenever we go through sad experiences in our lives, the first step towards healing is to face the pain. Although for some time, denial or evasion may work for you, until you deal with the reality of the pain, you can not move forward. Writing a heartbroken poem can help you face the pain and get over it.

Unless you have been writing poems and getting them published, you do not have to write as though there will be an audience for your heartbroken poem. You can simply write it for yourself. Write down whatever comes to your mind. Use your own language, not the language of the poets of the Victorian era! Write as if you are talking to someone and just sharing your pain. You can simply write free flowing thoughts, and then organize your thoughts into a poem later on.

Facing the pain is just one aspect of the whole experience. You could also write about the happy days and the sorrow that you feel, now that those days are over. Let the words flow and you will see that you will feel a lot better later on.

Finally, when the poem is finished, you could decide to keep it for yourself or share it with a friend or a family member. You may opt not to welcome criticisms, because you are merely sharing your thoughts. That’s okay. Remember that you are not really aiming to be a good poet (at least not right away!) and that the whole aim of the exercise is simply to get your pain out.

You may also submit your heartbroken poem to some web sites that welcome poems from readers. You may indicate that you do not want to receive comments regarding your poem, if you don’t want to. The important thing is that you were able to share your heartbroken poem and that through this, you would be able to move on.