How to Create Mystery to Keep a Guy Interested – This Will Help You in Ways You Can’t Imagine

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Most women know that to keep a man well and truly interested in her, she should not reveal all! Keeping secrets from your man is not a bad idea sometimes. Even though you should be honest, you can create an aura of mystery around you so that he is kept wondering about you and his interest in you does not slacken.

If he knows everything about you – the chase is over in many ways

Don’t be a fool and tell him your whole life story the moment you meet him. He will be surprised that you are willing to trust him with so much information about yourself and he will think you are being too trusting and naïve. Furthermore, he will get bored pretty soon.

He would love to find out more

Half the thrill of the pursuit for a man is to find out new things about his lady. It gives him a sense of excitement to try and dig out precious facts about her. He wants to discover new aspects and facets of her character. This is all a big part of the wooing and chasing her. If he is deprived of this he could be disappointed.

Keep mum about your past

It doesn’t help to unburden all your emotions and tell him all the facts of your past just because you have found a broad shoulder to cry on! He would be horrified and would not know how to handle the situation. Instead be reserved to a point and wait for the right moment in the relationship to tell him things of the past.

Keep him wondering about your feelings

If you let him know too soon about how you feel for him, you could be taking a risk. Not only would you be laying your feelings and heart on the line, but he might not be as much in love with you as you are! Instead keeping him wondering if you like him is a good way to make him chase you and interested in you.

Don’t say too much about yourself

When he tries to dig out information about you, your past, whether you are involved with someone or not and other personal information, you should be vague and a little distant at first. This will make him even more curious and the fact that you are not willing to divulge any information will create an aura of mystery around you.

Arrange to get calls from friends when you are with him

If you are determined to make him wonder if you are already seeing someone, or whether you are being chased by another man, then you could arrange to get a call while you are with him. The sight of you whispering on the phone would make him wonder what you are up to and he will be determined to get to the bottom of it.

Look as if you are up to something

Always look like you have something up your sleeve. You can do this by being impulsive and spontaneous around him. A small secret smile, and a smug look on your face will put him on his guard and he will wonder what you are up to! This will create an air of mystery and enigma around you.