The Surprising Benefits of Kindness and Random Acts of Kindness

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The media shows people attacking each of physically and verbally. The media calls the verbal attacks tensions between parties (of differing beliefs) or politics. Someone rather than hold the door for you, slams it. Bullies slowly pull down even the strongest of mental foundations. Road rage and music insulting others bombards you on the road. But you can make a difference.

Why does kindness make a difference?

In many of these cases it would be easy to make an even exchange of rude behavior for another. Yet there are several problems with this “even exchange.” You do not know the day the other is having, so this may not be their normal behavior. Even if it is you can set a better example for them and others by being kind. Instead of spreading anger, you spread kindness.

How does kindness spread?

Various newspapers have reported and witnessed the miracle of kindness. People hand out bottled water at local beaches. Restaurant patrons pay for other patrons. The people who receive the random acts of kindness rave to their friends and family and share the love. What this does is create a wave of happiness for all those who were touched by the kindness and many others who were indirectly touched.

Can I change luck?

You can not expect that your act of kindness will be returned directly to you. You can feel the joy of making the hour, the day or even changing a long stretch of “bad luck” into something better. That little boost could be the thing that enables another person to change their life, their luck or more. Of course, that is a may, so while it may make their day better, it will make your day better.

How will it make my day better?

Studies have shown that an act of kindness helps left your mood and enhances your feelings of joy. That act of kindness also reduces your feelings of anger, isolation and depression. Perhaps you are not feeling those emotions. Your self-worth, optimism, and emotional resilience grow by helping others.

Some surprising benefits.

Allen Luks; author of the book “The Healing Power of Doing Good,” studied 3000 volunteers and was surprised at his findings. Physical pain can decrease and even in cases where it does not, people become less aware of the pain which makes them happier and more joyful. It also boosts your immune system, so acts of kindness could help decrease your chances of sickness. Those are some very surprising benefits that can really help your life.