How To Find And Keep Mr Right? You Must Obey These Tips If You Want To Attract And Keep Mr Right

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Could you be missing out on the biggest and most important aspect of your life: finding and keeping Mr. Right, simply because you are doing this ONE detrimental thing all the time? Not sure what I mean? Well let me lay it down carefully for you here: if you want to attract Mr. Right, you need to carefully obey these next few tips:

Be What You Want, Instead Of Being What You Claim You Don’t Want To be

There are a lot of women I see, who complain about their weight, their hair, and pretty much complain about everything….. But I never really see them changing, or truly trying to get DIFFERENT results for themselves. To be honest, guys HATE it when you sit around complaining about every little thing, especially if it’s simply picking yourself apart all the time.

What we want to see, is a woman who IS what she wants to be, and is PROUD of it. This means you should be confident about yourself…and should BE WHAT you want to be, instead of expecting him to THINK you are something you simply aren’t….or expecting him to compliment you on something you clearly don’t even like yourself.

It goes back to the whole concept of “you have to love yourself first, before anyone else can love you”, BUT, with another whole twist of ACTION. If you truly want to meet Mr. Right; start making yourself into the right kind of person who he would be attracted to in the first place.

Or more importantly, start doing the things you need to do to feel great about yourself. If you hate things about yourself, instead of always complaining about it or feeling insecure, take action to feel better about that thing. For instance:

Work out, keep yourself in shape, take care of yourself, and handle your problems etc….just do whatever you need to do to FINALLY start feeling great about yourself and confident. DO IT! Then you will notice that the right men will NATURALLY be attracted to you; which of course brings me to my next point…

Either Accept Yourself as You Are, Or Don’t

If you don’t accept certain things about yourself, or think there is room for improvement, IMPROVE. Don’t constantly whine to guys about how you hate this and that, but still remain the same day in and day out. It drives men NUTS, because they instantly feel like you want improvement, and believe you are asking them for help or advice.

So then they try to tell you what to do, or offer advice. Then the arguments start, because you feel like he is trying to control you or that he doesn’t like you….when the fact was that it is YOU who doesn’t like yourself, and he is only trying to help.