How To Make A Relationship Last – 4 Ways To Keep Him Wanting More And More From You, With Time

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Most people can’t make a relationship last, because they don’t ever stop and consider what it is that KEEPS their significant other hooked and interested in the first place. But you are not about to make that mistake, because these 4 methods will show you exactly how to keep a man wanting more and more from you as time goes on…..

Encourage Him With His Goals and Help Him -Men don’t always accept help from women, because they don’t want to feel like she is simply trying to tell him what to do….BUT they do appreciate it when a woman encourages him in his goals and keeps him on track there.

Remember that his goals are important to him, and they are his dreams, so he would be ecstatic if you could help him reach them in one way or another, even if it’s just encouraging him and being kind to him during his struggles.

Accomplish A Huge Goal Together In A Short Amount Of Time -It’s easy to procrastinate, because it means we don’t have to deal with that thing till later….and sometimes these things are your goals. Maybe your goal is to pay off your mortgage sooner than later, so work together overtime to reach that goal sooner.

Or perhaps both of you are working toward finishing your education, so go into overdrive mode and get it done. You will feel amazing when you get it done far faster than you planned, and it will definitely keep him interested and surprised in both him-self and you.

Thank Him For The Little Things -When you thank a man and show appreciation for the little deeds he does it further asserts to him that it’s important to make you feel happy, or that it’s good to do good things for you. This in turn makes him feel important and desired, and subconsciously he will be drawn to you more, because you are fulfilling a strong emotional need for him.

Thanking him for things also makes him want to TRY more, because he feels fulfilled, which in turn means that he will spend more time doing positive things for himself, you, or the relationship; and less time arguing or fighting.

Go On A Holiday To Somewhere You’ve Never Been -It doesn’t have to be elaborate, you can even holiday in your own town/city…..and head over to an area which neither of you have been to. Since it is a new experience for both of you, you will be surprised to learn about this new place; BUT will be sharing that moment together.

Discovering something new takes the focus off of both of you (and the relationship) for a time, which can also ease the strain if there is any. Remember that space is a good thing in a relationship, because it’s likely that both of you are always concentrating on each other or the relationship, which can be stressful.