3 Flirting Tips For Women – Easy Tricks To Make Any Man Instantly Want To Know More About You

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Most men are scared to approach women, and have to end up working really hard to learn how to be confident enough just to approach women in the first place. What this means, is that 99.9% of the time, you are missing out on the chance to meet a guy or have him ask you out. Thus: in the end most women are better off learning how to flirt with men, so that they can completely skip the “missing out” part and can guarantee themselves any man they choose.

Use these 3 flirting tips to successfully and instantly make any man want to know more about you…

Watch Your Attitude

If you have an interesting attitude, men will want to approach you naturally, or they may be highly interested in you if you strike up a conversation with them. The right kind of attitude is a confident and enthusiastic with a hint of the idea that you are not afraid to take risks or go outside of your comfort zone.

Men find this attitude naturally attractive, because it tells them you are in control of your life, respect yourself, and won’t be too clingy or desperate around them. It’s something men simply cannot resist.

However, if you are not too confident, are shy, too quiet etc…. men will be intimidated to speak with you and may find it awkward if you approach them, because they don’t feel it would be easy to open up with you.

Don’t Worry About What To Say, Just DO

The best opening line is honestly a simple “Hello”, because all you have to do is OPEN the conversation, and then the possibilities become endless, because if no one initiates anything, nothing will happen.

After you have said hi, the best advice is to talk about the general surroundings. You can ask him for help with something, can talk about something you just saw, but make it light and easygoing.

If you can, add a hint of humor to things. For instance, if you are at a coffee shop, say that one time you spilt your coffee all over your pants and because it was so hot, you danced around the shop, and people were almost about to start clapping at your great dancing skills.

Just keep it light and fun, because this atmosphere combined with the spontaneity of the conversation in general will psychologically force him to take down his guard and start feeling comfortable around you (and he will even start checking you out as you talk).

Use Items Around You As A Conversation Starter

Use items around you as a conversation start, because they give HIM something to notice and talk about in general, and prompt men to want to open up to you and flirt.

Props are the most natural conversation starter out there, especially if they are unique to YOU. For instance: your pet dog. He can instantly notice something about you, and comment on it, and it keeps things casual, yet opens the conversation up for him to KNOW about you.

This also works if you have a very unique necklace/piece of jewelry, clothing, perfume etc…. or even a book.