The Many Don’ts of a Relationship

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To be able to stay in the relationship you are having right now, there are certain don’ts that you must take note of. By staying away from these don’ts, you will be able to maintain a harmonious and happy relationship with her. Here are some of the many don’ts of a relationship.

  1. The ex-partner – Never should you dare compare your now girlfriend to any of your past girlfriends. It is a general rule. Doing so will definitely not avoid a big fight. Women are quite sensitive when it come to the topic of the “exes” so be sure to stay out of this. Anyhow, nobody wants to be compared to anyone, anyway.
  2. Mother – Never ever make her feel like she is your mother. Don’t make your girl get confused by treating her like your mother. Remember that it was mom who served breakfast and washed your filthy stuffs. Your girl is there for moral and emotional support. Be clear on that!
  3. Never try to change her – She’s really made to be like that. If you love her, don’t change her. She’s been like that even before you two met. Changing her into someone you call your ideal girlfriend will just complicate things. If she is really a pain in the butt, and you can’t tolerate her tantrums, just get rid of her and find a new one. That is way easier than fighting everyday because of things you can’t change.
  4. Don’t change unless you want to – Same with the latter, if she’s not happy with the way you are, split. If she can’t accept you now, she never will. She should’ve noticed that you are a pig on the first few days so, why suddenly change mind? Change should not be forced by anyone. It should be self inflicted.
  5. Flirty -Your girl can smell blood even if you are miles away. Imagine the worst that could happen once you flirt in front of her. Death shall come to those persistent ones. Are you ready to face a painful death? Others say that you can only flirt when you are already an area code away or you will be history. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. So when she asks you if the lady in red to your right is beautiful and if that lady is indeed super hot, lie. Be sure to mention that, that “ugly girl” is nothing compared to her.
  6. Butt kisser – It’s okay to give compliments once in a while. It’s necessary to give compliments since she deserves them. Like too much drugs, over ass kissing is fatal too – for your ego for that matter. You need to stay strong in a subtle way. You need to wear the pants in the relationship. Never turn into a sniveling worm.
  7. Broken promises – Yes. They say that promises are meant to be broken. Well buddy, it’s time that you break this cliché. Don’t promise anything that you can’t do or not capable of doing. In relationships, your partner is like a kid. And you know how bad it is to not keep promises to a kid, right? You were a kid once. You know how it feels.
  8. Friends are forever -Most men tend to forget about their friends whenever they are in a relationship. That is a no – no. Your friends are already there even before she appeared. There is no reason for your relationship with your friend to change just because she’s with you. Plus who would be with you at the strip joint once she decided she no longer is happy with you? Yeah! Keep your buddies!