Steps on How to Add A Watermark to A PDF

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A portable document format, more popularly known as PDF, is a file format utilized to represent documents wherein they don’t have to be selective of the hardware, application software or operating system being used. You can open it on Mac, Windows, or Linux with ease and even on mobile phones and tablets if you wish. And since they encapsulate all of the content displayed in the original context, copying everything from the graphics, fonts, texts and lay out, you do not have to worry about people not being able to read the same file as you do. They require very little memory and can be kept secured from viruses, modification and redistribution. One of the ways you can do that is by trying to add a watermark to PDF files.

Now you can actually annotate a PDF using a number of tools. Adobe is probably the most common. But you can also use PDF Watermark Creator, PDFill PDF Tools, jPDFtweak and k2PDF, among others. When utilizing Adobe, what you have to do first is choose the document you want to add a watermark to, click on “add watermark & background” and then wait for the dialog box to appear. Then, choose “add a watermark”. After you’ve accomplished that, set up the display option by clicking on the “show when displaying on screen” check box. If you want it to be included during the printing, you should also select the “show when printing” option. Subsequently, browse the source page area to find the PDF document you want to use as your watermark. If you have a source that is a multipage document, you might want to utilize the page number text box to lead the program to your selection. Next, click “all pages” in the page range area so that the watermark applies to the entirety of the document. If you believe that it is unnecessary though, you could do “specify page range” and indicate what parts you want to have watermarks on the To and From space.

As you move further in having to annotate PDF files, you will have to pick the position and appearance of the watermark. Your options for vertical alignment can be found using the drop down list and they will typically be Top, Center, Bottom or Fit. To check what the finished product would look like, you can refer to the preview box displayed on the right side of the window. As far as the horizontal alignment is concerned, it should be Left, Center, Right and Fit still. For a unique positioning, you could click the rotation spinner button to slightly slant the watermark. And then, to adjust appearance, you could play around with the opacity slider button.

Finalizing how to add a watermark to PDF files involves finalizing your watermark’s design and closing down the dialogue box. If you’d like to edit, remove or restore previous settings, you could choose Edit and then “undo add watermark”, “redo add watermark”, depending on the intent. As you can see, there’s nothing complicated with the process. And if ever you still find it confusing, you could refer to tutorial videos online to give you a blow-by-blow demonstration of the task.