Studies Show: “Going Green” Is Better For Your Business

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You’ve probably noticed that environmentalism has become a sweeping trend in America today. It seems like just about everyone is “going green.” But it’s more than just popular alternative lifestyle. Have you ever considered how “going green” can benefit your business? What if it had the power to increase sales and decrease costs?

According to a recent study by the Office Depot Small Business Index, 61 percent of small businesses are trying to go green. If you still haven’t actively thought about making your business more environmentally friendly, you are quickly falling behind. It is important to keep your business up-to-date so that it can continue to grow and expand.

The Office Depot Small Business Index also found that 39% of small businesses were hesitant about going green due to concerns about cost. Many people are under the false impression that environmentalism is costly. This assumption, however, is not the case at all.

Here are some of the facts:

1. Switching to energy-efficient lights, changing equipment, and conserving water will help to make your utility bills lighter.

2. Reducing waste will shrink disposal costs and ultimately force you to find innovative ways to recycle or reuse the supplies that you already have.

3. Refilling printer cartridges will be much cheaper than purchasing new ones each time your ink and toner runs out.

4. Utilizing social media outlets instead of traditional paper advertisement choices will help to save you paper, ink, and time.

If you advertise your business as one that is Eco-friendly, perspective customers will view your business as honest, responsible, and reliable. This is due to your effort to take your part in making our world a better place. Plus, people who are trying to be more environmentally conscious may see hiring you as an opportunity for them to contribute to a greener society.

Swapping paper flyers for social media options will also allow you to reach a broader audience and add a personalized touch to your business. You can stay easily stay connected to your customers with emails and blogs. Most importantly, you have the power to promote your business with networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. These social media outlets are a fast growing trend in today’s society. They are the newest and easiest way to connect with your customers. Communication is essential, and these social media outlets make for the easiest and most efficient form of communication.