Tests to Find Out What a Man Really Wants From You! Now You Will Easily Know His Intentions

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Relationships can be complicated. There are many things left unsaid – and there are times that when these issues are brought to the forefront, the relationship crumbles. Women all over the world are familiar with this scenario. One of the hardest dating questions is that of the status of the relationship. And since men generally don’t volunteer to shed light on this topic, women have to be creative to figure it out. So, to help women find their answer, here are some tests to find out what a man really wants from you.

Test #1: Holding Back

There is a tendency for a woman who really likes a guy to ask for too much, too soon. This may scare men away or lose interest because the need to ‘win over’ a woman is diminished. If you want to know what a man really wants from you, don’t jump all in at once. Hold back a little and see what he does. If he wants the relationship to progress, he’ll subtly let you know.

Test #2: No Rush

Often, the question revolves around the issue of sex versus commitment. Women have a hard time figuring out if the guy thinks of the relationship as casual or something more. For you to learn what your man really wants, don’t rush into sleeping with him. If he’s still interested even without the sex factor, it is probable that he wants to develop a deeper connection with you.

Test #3: Proximity Out of Bed

When a man is really interested in a woman, he will go out of his way to be close to her, and not just in bed. He would spend time with her doing other things, and generally, to discover more about her. And when they are together, no moment would pass without showing his affection for her. This is an indication that he wants a more serious relationship with you.

Test #4: The Provider

A man who has an intention to stand by a woman for a long time will show his potential to take care of her, which can be shown by his financial capability. He will strive to prove that he can provide for her. When the guy constantly borrows money for your dates because he doesn’t have a job and no intention of getting one, surely, he’s not with you because of your relationship potential.

Test #5: Let’s Talk

If a guy is wiling to converse with his girl, and is actually interested in hearing her opinions, this means that he want to build a stronger foundation for the relationship. This really is just another way to get to know the girl better. And it’s a good thing if your guy acts this way because he’s definitely taking you seriously.

Test #6: Quite the Storyteller

Telling his friends and family about the woman he is currently seeing and how he feels towards her is usually a sign that he’s ready to take the relationship to the next level. When your man earns a check mark for this one, then stick by him, because he’s sticking around.

Test #7: Future Plans

When he includes a woman in his future plans no matter how far off these plans are, this generally means that he still expects the woman to be in his life when they are carried out.

When this is currently happening to you and your man, then yes, he is committed to your relationship.