What Are the Secrets to Impressing a Guy and Getting Him to Like You? Here Is What You Need to Know

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When you see a guy you like, you want to automatically impress him more than anyone else in the world. Unfortunately you get nervous and insecure in his presence. Relax! There are thousands who feel like you do yet manage to do a great job when it comes to impressing guys. Just follow these tips and see yourself become successful in no time at all.

Make him see you as someone who is different

If you blend in with the crowd around him too much, he might miss seeing you altogether! The trick is to make him notice something in you that makes you stand out as different, exciting and beautiful. You can do this first of all by not dressing like the rest. Wear clothes that not only suit you but make you look beautiful.

Don’t try too hard so as to look desperate

Overdoing things and trying too hard will automatically pin the “desperado” label on to you! He is going to notice your pathetic efforts from a mile off! Even though you have a goal in mind and that is to impress him, go about it in a subtle and friendly manner so as not to put him on his guard.

Be natural and genuine around him

The best way to impress him is to be genuine and natural around him. Make him realize that you are who you say you are. Never act false or pretend to be someone else because he will eventually find out that you are a fake and will be disappointed in you. When you are not afraid to be yourself, your self confidence will impress him.

Show him that you are comfortable being who you are

If you love yourself it will show in your manner and your attitudes. You will carry yourself with poise and elegance that is attractive to one and all. Not only will he find your confidence very attractive but he will begin to admire you first from afar and then from up close!

Let him admire your qualities

The surest way to impress a guy is to let him know you well enough to recognize your qualities and traits. Let him see strength and dignity in your bearing and the fact that you are not willing to drop your values and ideals. This will show him that you are a woman who is honest and dependable. He will be impressed!

Don’t fish for compliments

Men are secretly put off by women who are constantly fishing for compliments. They preen and primp before men worried if they are looking their best! If on the other hand you are confident of your looks and don’t show signs of insecurity and self consciousness you will impress him.

Let your inner beauty shine

While it is a fact that you have to make sure that your personal hygiene is at the highest level and that you are well groomed if you want to impress a guy, it is also important to know that men usually look beyond the physical attractiveness of a woman. They are instantly impressed by a woman whose inner being is made beautiful with traits of honesty, loyalty and integrity.