Getting Back Together With an Ex: Relationship Advice

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Having been dumped many times, I can tell you personally it is horrible. It is a blow to your self-esteem and it is downright depressing. It is also an emotional time a time where you may not be thinking clear and as such it is never a great time to go running to your ex in an attempt to salvage your relationship.

My Personal Five Step Approach to getting back together with an ex

1. One thing I preach to my clients is to be patient. Don’t rush into things, take time to evaluate what happened and Why. A few days apart are good, for you and your ex. It is a time to reflect on things as it will provide the space you need to “cool off’ and “think straight. By the time you and your ex speak again you may be more objective and reasonable if you have had the time to think and reflect. So, if you don’t rush you stand a better chance of getting back together with an ex.

2. The Next Thing to do is to Contact Your Ex and attempt to talk about the break. Perhaps, as I have said after a few days or a few weeks of being apart you and your ex may be able to reason out what happened and figure out what went wrong. To get the conversation started, it may be best to start by talking about their week, what they were doing etc as a way to set the tone of the conversation and then work into the discussion on the break up.

3. If you truly want to get back together, then tell your ex your feelings. You can do this subtly by saying something like ” I have missed You” or ” I Miss the sound of your voice” etc. There is no point going about getting back together with an ex if you don’t express your true feelings with them.

4. Fourth, you need to talk about the reason you broke up? Is their middle ground? Is there a way to move beyond the problem? Is there an apology necessary?

5. Let things Play Out: This is the critical step, just like a new relationship, let things happen. Don’t pressure your ex, don’t force the issue, just let things happen naturally and not forced. Don’t try to stick to your ex like glue, make them contact you and take it from there.

This 5-step approach is the best way I Know for getting back together with an Ex. Respecting your ex’s space and then carefully planning what you will say and how you will say it during your first conversation is the key in getting back together.