How to Tell If a Guy Is Not Serious About You! You Shouldn’t Waste Any More Time on Him

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No girl wants to spend a great deal of time thinking whether a guy is serious or not. For many women, it’s important that they know if the guy is playing with her feelings or not early on in the relationship. Luckily, it is easy to figure out if a guy isn’t that serious. Read on to find out more.

Reason # 1: He Does Not Call You Often

Calling often is a sign that a guy is serious with you. If it takes a man days, weeks, or even months before calling you, then, it only means that his sincerity is in question. He is also not serious if the only instance when he would call is when he wants you to do a favor for him.

Reason # 2: You Haven’t Met His Parents

Meeting the parents is important for men who are serious in a particular relationship. If your guy hasn’t expressed interest in you meeting his parents, then it’s likely that he isn’t taking your relationship seriously.

Reason # 3: His Plans are Unknown to You

If a guy doesn’t tell you about what he’s going to do, it could mean that he isn’t being serious with you. Men would usually want the woman in their lives to be updated with their schedule. If he never shares with you what he did or what he is about to do, then there’s a possibility that he wants to keep himself relatively free from restrictions.

Reason # 4: He Doesn’t Spend Time with You

Time should be spent on important things, and it follows with relationships. When a guy is serious about a girl, he would want to spend time with her. This time could be spent watching a movie, eating out, or just staying home. Consequently, if a guy doesn’t seem interested, it’s fair to say that he’s just not serious with you.

Reason # 5: He Wants to Know the People who are Important to You

People important to you include your friends and family. Guys will do anything to meet the people who matter to you the most if they are serious with you. If they think that doing so is a waste of time, then don’t think your guy’s intentions towards you are too serious.

Reason # 6: He Never Tries to Impress You

Impressing the love of our life is one of the things we want to do to show how serious we are with our intention. If your guy doesn’t try to make you happy, it’s an indication that he really isn’t into the relationship.

Reason # 7: He Never Lets you Leave your Things in his House

Men value their space and territory. They want to prevent their homes from being compromised. Therefore, you can say that he’s taking everything lightly if he is against the idea of you leaving your things in his territory.