Technical Support Specialists for Datacenter Operations

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Datacenter operations require high quality IT support framework. Technical support specialists play a vital role in datacenter management and need to be given sufficient opportunities to build fulfilling careers in this domain. Or else, they will feel tempted to head to outsourcing and consulting firms, especially since they are hiring again. Considering that the world economy is poised for improvement, the long dry spell in the data center will hopefully come to an end. This is expected to create a lot of opportunities in the said area during the next few years, according to experts.

New Automated Tools Reduce Need for Technical Support Specialists

With the advent of modern sophisticated technology like virtualization and automated tools the need for data center personnel to look after tasks like console management, manual system and server monitoring etc has diminished substantially. Market reports suggest that IT operation jobs including those in the datacenter will fall by 50% over the next two decades because of these tools. This means that the requirement for technical support specialists to effectively run a data center is definitely will go down and many of the traditional operations types of jobs will go away. In fact the number of IT operations jobs has already declined by 15% to 20% over the past 10 years. However it must be remembered that although the console operators’ jobs are becoming obsolete, requirement for high level IT personnel has not decreased.

Because of the rising server consolidation trend, lot of machines that found place outside the datacenters are making comeback. However with increased security and federal regulations business users had taken on server-related responsibilities no longer wish to deal with infrastructure related problems. Also demographics have a large role to play here. As the older IT generation gets ready to retire the numbers will start increasing considerably in the future. Although the extreme scenario is expected to hit the market sometime later- as virtualization and other technology matures and the boomer retirement numbers hit big, now is the good the time to start preparing. IT management will want to identify and define the specific tasks that the datacenters will be required to supervise during the next five to ten years and allocate those tasks to the best in class technical support specialists. This will mean making significant investment in acquiring new and high level skills or expertise in different technology platforms.

Technical Support Specialists to Perform More Complicated Datacenter Tasks

The bottom line is that in spite of all the automation and virtualization strategies, technical staff will still be needed to run the data center, but they’ll be needed to do more analysis, and of more and different types of systems, than what they’ve traditionally done. There would still be requirement for a cadre of people, only you need to ‘upscale’ them into a broader array of dealing with datacenter infrastructure issues. Combining separate IT skill sets can be helpful. For example, a person having expertise in production control and job scheduling on the mainframe can be trained to perform those tasks across all supported platforms. The combination strategy will cater to the need for IT employee retention and at the same time will appear enticing to those who want to do production support and server administration.

IT related career prospects should start opening up in the data center soon, or technical support specialists will explore opportunities elsewhere, particularly with outsourcers. IT services businesses are really flourishing now and there a growing demand for technical support specialists in particular.

Technical Supports Specialists in Demand

Many companies have already engaged in the process of recruiting senior level data center personnel. Modern datacenters need high level IT specialists and managers to implement new virtualization tools and mainframe skills are most definitely “still relevant” in this world. Quite obviously an individual with a background in mainframe computing will be in a better position to adapt to new technology.


Datacenter staffing need not be a painful job. You just have to take into consideration all the aspects- demographics, skill levels and career path. Careful attention to all these aspects will eliminate any problem whatsoever. IT industry is booming, creating requirement and opportunities for technical support specialists in datacenter domain.