Use Silverlight Developers For Installation of Silverlight 5 Application

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Silverlight refers to web applications created by Microsoft Corporation. The latest version is called Silverlight 5 and, as expected, has better features than prior versions. Many nearshore and offshore developers across the world have already learned the ins and outs of this version. If you are based in Europe, for instance, you may want to search for inexpensive and reputable Silverlight developers in the Eastern Europe region. Silverlight 5 version has notable media effects additions and improvements. The users can now manipulate the Playback feature in a number of ways. They can utilize the SoundEffect API to cause low latency sound, vary playback speeds via rewind and fast-forward options and watch favorite videos using the audio pitch correction element.

The new version also includes H.264 media decoding of exposed content, a Live TV playback with rotating licenses and an Application-Restricted feature (restricts playback of unsafe content in unpermitted applications). Users can also expect an enhanced text backing. For instance, the Text Tracking & Leading allows a user to manage the spaces between lines and characters in a text. The OpenType and Pixel Snapped permit creation of clear texts while Linked Text Containers enables seamless streaming of texts. For print jobs clarity, the Silverlight 5 offers Postscript vector printing component. This new version can be depended upon by business owners who want to come up with advanced software applications. Some of the features that can allow this to happen include ClickCount, ComboBoxes and Listboxes, Custom Markup Extension and PivotViewer among others.

Any reliable nearshore or offshore Silverlight developer understands all the above-mentioned improvements clearly. This latest version also guarantees improved performance if installed and managed expertly. There are a number of elements that were added to it just for the sake of performance improvement. Some of them include the 64-bit browser support, network latency, h/w accelerated rendering, and multi-core JIT among others. The graphic stack boasts wonderful improvements too, and now it supports various autonomous animations and several 3D effects. With the new Silverlight 5, users can enjoy limitless file system access from a fully trustworthy application, run existing codes directly and have a multiple window support. If you want to reduce power consumption in your workplace, you need to install this new software edition right away. It comes with a power saving component that disallows the screensaver to function when videos are also running.

In addition, when a computer or laptop is not being used but it is turned on, this Silverlight application automatically turns it into a sleep mode. There is surely a lot to gain by having this new Microsoft application added to your servers. If you are not a developer and have no in-house developing team, you can look for reliable professionals on the internet. There are many.Net programmers who possess Microsoft certifications, many years of experience and many happy clients. Whether you want nearshore or offshore developers, you can find them via the internet. If your concern is lower rates, you might want to focus more on high quality developers found in countries like Serbia, Romania, Ukraine and Czech Republic among others.