Why Should Your Flare Stack’s Pilot Ignition Be Dependable?

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Industrial plants around the world commonly require portable flare stacks. Without these products, these sites may not burn off flammable gases from the pressure relief valves, which serve as exhausts. Excess pressure in plant equipment usually makes these valves release dangerously inflammable gas. The flare stacks light up to burn the gases before they go any further in the atmosphere or surrounding areas.

Some industrial sites, however, do not use the combustions to destroy gases in unplanned releases. Flare stacks light up some associated gases, which are the waste or unusable products of some processes.

Pilot ignition capability is especially important in petroleum extraction and production facilities. When oil wells extract and produce petroleum crude oil, some raw natural gas reaches the surface as well. Not all locations have appropriate pipe lines and other gas conduits, so some plants use flares either at the top or in a ground level earthen pit to destroy these waste products.

Industrial plants using portable flare stacks include petroleum refineries, offshore gas and oil rigs, landfills, chemical plants, and natural gas processing plants. Some plants use them for safety reasons, to protect the plant from explosions that may result from unplanned over-pressuring. Others utilize flares to remove unwanted gas from their real products.

Pilot ignition flares should be of top quality, no matter what size of operations you buy them for. Cutting your costs by using low quality flares may cost you more in the long run, as they might require a lot of maintenance, repairs, and replacements. They can also lead to damages in your whole process or plant if they become faulty because of poor quality or upkeep. Industrial plants are already high risk locations, and workers in such facilities may be in grave danger if some apparatuses are cheap. Protect your investment and order only reputable ignition flares for your business.

Three things you should think about when buying flare stacks include the following:

Delivery time – Look for a company that can deliver your goods in a few weeks, but also consider situations that might demand quick delivery in a few days or even 24 hours.

Product quality – A firm that has a good record of producing top quality items should rank high on your list. Quick delivery is useless if the flares do not work, or if you have to call the company back after a few days because you already need replacements.

Value for your investment – All components of the flare should work. A failing component will result in faulty flare. So do not settle for cheap knock-offs. Find a company that sells only top quality equipment with reasonable warranty.

Portable flare stacks and ignitors play important roles in many industrial worksites. Without a proper assembly, you risk damaging your machines and delaying production. The risk may also include more dangerous results like explosions or fires. Order high quality flare assemblies from a known company so you can have peace of mind that your operations will be seamless, fast, and safe.