Lexmark X463 Printer and Toner Specifications

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Choosing which printer is best for you or your business can seem like a minefield. There are so many makes and models out there promising the highest quality and wide variety of functions that it is helpful to do a bit of constructive research. Samsung is a well trusted brand in the technology market and has developed their printers for every customer.

The Lexmark X463 Printer is a strong competitor, it is network ready with 3-in-1 features and a customizable color touch screen. Touch screen is a relatively new technology and can be seen as good or bad in terms of functionality and reliability. It is often seen as more advanced, modern and simple to use however there are the downsides of it being a delicate and sometimes temperamental thing.

The page per minute output of the Lexmark X463 is 40ppm and the replacement toner cartridges boast a high-yield. Each cartridge is able to print up to 9,000 or 15,000 pages. This printer also offers multifunctional aspects such as scanning, copying and duplex printing which is great for customers concerned about saving money and the environment. The multi-use nature of the printer is also great for an eco-friendly workplace as it reduces the need for two other machines and the power to run them (a scanner and copier).

The size of this printer is 20.9 x 19.2 x 17.2 and it weighs 22.7kg. it has an energy star rating that means it runs efficiently, only using an estimated 5.85 kilowatt-hours per week. The maximum printing resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi (dots per inch) and the standard input capacity of 300 sheets. This means it is most likely appropriate for a smaller office environment as the speed and capacity are around average for this classification of printer.

The quality and the multi-usage compatibility brings it to the top end of the list of competitors. This model eliminates the need to purchase a scanner or copier for an office. However each feature can only be used individually at any one time.

It is important for a business to choose the right printer and the Lexmark X463 might just be that one. The touch screen feature and its intricate laser quality printouts could sway many prospective customers. The 300 sheet input capacity and 40ppm can be productive enough for many offices especially because the eco-friendly aspects as discussed above.