Is Pop Culture infiltrating the Engineering Field?

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A part of my job is to research, which I admit I love researching. I love finding out new information about concepts and machinery I never knew existed. I was recently researching industrial manipulators, which briefly stated helps lift, rotate and place heavy equipment into tight spaces. Anyway, as I was a researching, forum of a computer game, perhaps video game kept coming up in my search results. It got me to thinking has the real world taken creations from fantasy life? Pop culture references “industrial manipulators” in Star Trek.

It is possible that such shows as Star Trek or other fantasy shows and games inspire(d) engineers. Older shows like to portray the future and some have hit the nail on the head. There is an episode of the Twilight Zone that shows women turning a certain age, 16 I think, and they can choose a who remodeling look, also known as plastic surgery. It was a controversial subject in the 1960’s. Today, in certain parts of the world and America, it’s like who doesn’t have plastic surgery?

Getting on to the real subject at hand, industrial manipulators are very much a thing of the here and now. These articulating arms can lift upwards 1000 pounds of machinery as though it’s nothing. Inanimate manipulators are the only type of manipulation you want to be around. They take a load off for employees and lessen work related injuries. Operators safely lift, lower, move, and flip parts without causing any stress to workers. Manipulators help increase work productivity because of this.

There are various forms: electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic. Each has their own forms of capabilities and specifications. For example, electrical and pneumatic have difference payload capacities. Then hydraulic and electrical have different swivel angles, for example. Their variations depend on your needs. Nonetheless, though, industrial lifts are advantageous. Risking worker’s health isn’t worth it. Using this machinery keeps workers working, not on worker’s comp, and your business from lawsuits because of injuries.

I’m sure my theory of real life taking ideas from fantasy shows and games is false. But it’s interesting to think that maybe some of these great innovations and inventions came from popular culture. It would be ironic is all that I’m saying. Pop culture already dictates most of our boring lives with gossip and juvenile indulgences publicized through magazines and entertainment shows; we don’t exactly need it leaking into engineering.