Reasons to Love the Holiday Season – Courier Cheer

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A few reasons why the courier driver should love the holiday season. There are more than you may think!

For many a courier driver, the holidays are a time to be dreaded. After all, icy roads, inebriated holidaymakers, bad weather, and more cars on the road all contribute to make the job more difficult. However, it’s not all bad news. The truth is, the holiday season presents more advantages than disadvantages when it comes to work. Don’t believe us? Listed below are only some of the reasons this season spells good news for the courier driver.

More deliveries

Retail establishments love the holiday season, and so should delivery worker. After all, according to retail companies, approximately 80% to 90% of their annual sales come from sales during the holiday season! In fact, if not for their sales during the holidays, many of these companies would no doubt go out of business. These record sales are good news for the courier driver as, of course, more sales, especially bulk and online sales, translate to more deliveries, which also means more earnings. In addition, there are also a lot of ‘rush’ deliveries from last-minute shoppers, which also means a higher premium for each delivery. During the holiday season, everybody wins!

More tips

The entire service industry rejoices during the holiday season, as something in the air seems to inspire benevolence and generosity. People are always happy to receive packages, especially when these packages arrive safely and on time. Even Scrooges and tightwads who refuse to tip during the rest of the year often cannot resist the spirit of giving during the holidays. For the delivery worker this means more and bigger tips, and possibly more often if they win more assignments. Regular clients, especially business ones, also often give holiday gifts or tips to their courier driver for good work done during the rest of the year.

More treats

During the holiday season everyone reaps the benefits of other people’s merrymaking. Many companies also give away ‘swag’, or small promotional items, during the holiday season, or small tokens of appreciation such as cookies, candies and chocolates. Many establishments also offer free hot beverages such as tea, hot chocolate, or coffee during especially cold days, and if you happen to make a delivery during a holiday celebration, you’re likely to be invited to join in to have some cake.