Ways to Save Money on Food Expenses

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When it comes to tips on saving money on food, it is easier to make the points into a list, as these are easier for people to follow and almost act as a checklist for people when they start putting the advice to good use…

1. Number one tip is a list itself. By making a list, you set yourself a limit as to what you really need. You should be listing only what you have run out of at home and buying food for meals that will last until your next shop. Making a list will also help you keep track of how much you are spending.

2. Research farmer’s or organic markets. Visiting markets is always a great experience and the food tends to be a lot cheaper than the food you find in store and another bonus is that the food is healthier too!

3. Did you know that expensive branded food is no different from the cheaper, generic, kind? The only thing that is different is the packaging and that’s the stuff you throw away! Therefore why not try the cheaper kind and see if you like it. If you do then you’ve saved money, if not, then you haven’t lost much.

4. Shelf life is always a contentious issue but people really should start checking dates more. So many times expensive meat and fish, goes bad in the fridge and we throw it out, which is a huge waste of money. Freeze things more and get into the habit of using up foods that are nearing the end of their life (food is tastier just before it goes ‘bad’).

5. Staple foods, for instance pastas, canned or dried goods should always be in your cupboard. Not only are they cheaper to buy but you can buy them in bulk, which is a huge cost saving too.

6. Make up recipes so you can use leftover food – never throw food out! By being clever with your food, you will save a lot of money, for instance if you cook a chicken, use the carcass the next day to make a stock for a soup or a curry.

7. The freezer is an excellent way to save money on food. If you have leftovers, pop into a bag, thaw it out when you next need it. You can even freeze soft fruit and pop into a blender the next time you want a smoothie.