Courier Loads or Parcel and Postal Services?

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It’s not unusual to hear people saying they’d like to use courier loads for their transport services, but the prices are too expensive when compared to standard parcel services.

Well, that’s understandable. Typically professional these services are more expensive than basic parcel services, but it’s not always quite as simple as that.

Now in theory there shouldn’t be much difference in services. After all, the conventional mail parcel services now offer some degree of online tracking, guaranteed delivery times to various global destinations and insurance. However, the key phrase in the above sentence is “some degree of”. Really, in a nutshell, that’s at the core of the difference between courier loads and those dispatched by parcel mail.

Why? Well, if ever you’ve used mail services for small goods you’ll probably also know that while they’re often pretty good, they also have a tendency to suddenly stop updating tracking; have consignments that mysteriously go into limbo in-between depots (the “neither here nor there” syndrome); encounter inexplicable delays; be prone to damage or sometimes disappear altogether – perhaps due to multiple transhipments.

Now there are times when maybe you can be fatalistic about such things. Statistically the major national parcel mail services are handling squillions of parcels safely and maybe you can be big enough to shrug off your bad luck. Of course, to do so you’ll need your consignment not to be very expensive or know that waiting the endless months while your insurance claim is processed (i.e. ignored) is not going to cause you financial pain. You’ll also have to be fairly laid-back about your customer who is foaming at the mouth with rage and accusing you of being a crook! Maybe you’ll also be able to smile off the ranting tirade of abuse they’ve left visible for the entire world to see on your website feedback stats.

You might be able to cheer yourself up by looking at the positive feedback on the sites of your competitors who have been lucky enough to get their goods delivered without calamity. You’ll be able to feel very happy for them.

If you’re still feeling a little glum, look on the bright side. Your client hasn’t yet sued you for consequential damages – even if he’s threatening to do so. You can keep checking your mail each day to see if the legal writ is there. You’re more likely to see it arrive than your insurance reimbursement.

If none of those consolations mean much to you – then don’t worry. As your business and/or social world collapses irretrievably around you, all you’ll need to do is to take a look at your bank statement. You’ll be able to take huge comfort from the fact that you’re a few pounds/dollars/euros or yen better off because you decided to use the mail service rather than those horribly expensive courier loads.

While the above scenario is designed to read tongue-in-cheek, the element of truth it contains is vital. Using courier loads instead of relying on the good old mail can leave you with peace of mind and a host of very happy customers – consider that.