What to Look for in a Janitorial Estimate

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Whether you have a new business and you are seeking professional cleaners or you are an established business needing new janitorial services, there are a few things to look for in a janitorial proposal. The reality is that there are many different companies that offer cleaning services, but not all these companies are the same. Some have an extensive background and can provide you with multiple glowing recommendations, while others may be new to the market but offer great rates. Sometimes choosing the cheapest available options will serve you well, and sometimes it will end in disaster. Ultimately, you should collect multiple proposals and make an informed choice; so what distinguishes a good proposal from a poor one?


A professional, error-free proposal printed on company letter head is a good start. The presentation of their proposal will be your first chance to evaluate a company’s organization and professionalism. Letterhead indicates these cleaners are established, and not likely to go anywhere. A written proposal that is rife with errors and omissions suggests a company doesn’t take their position very seriously.


You need to be able to easily understand your janitorial proposals. The best proposals are articulate, concise, and complete and should include pricing information as well as details about the services they do and do not provide. Different cleaners may not always offer the same services, so just as much as you want to find the best janitors, you also want to choose somebody who can offer the services you need. This information should be clearly presented in their proposal.


Without the opportunity to speak to past clients, you really have no way of knowing about the quality of janitorial service provided. Especially for companies that don’t have a reputation in your area, you’ll have to rely heavily on references from current and past customers. Local references are usually better because you’ll be able to confirm their veracity much more easily. A lack of references or many poor references are warning signs.

Customer Service

You should be able to get a sense of the customer service values of a cleaning company from their janitorial proposal. First, some of the best professional cleaners offer 24 hour availability to the customer, but you also want to know how you can contact your cleaners if problems arise. Industry standards vary to some degree, but you should expect same day or next day resolution for problems.


Finally, your janitorial proposal should give you an indication of the kinds of contracts the company offers. You’ll want to carefully consider the cancellation policy of your company, and you should check the fine print to ensure there are no surprises. Most companies offer a 30 day right to cancel policy.