How Classroom Posters Can Assist Teachers

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Teachers have to make sure that their students retain the information that they are giving them. There are many gimmicks to making the students remember the information. You could get them to draw cartoons, or you could make the lesson more amusing to them.

One of the best ways is to put the information on posters and hang them up in the classroom. This is because the human memory for locations is on of the best ways of remembering information. For example, if you go into a friends house and you haven’t been there before, you will remember your way around the next time you are there.

Memory champions have a method of memorising information in a few seconds because they use their imagination to put the details in the locations that they know the most. Most people use their childhood home because they are there more often. They will walk through the house in their minds eye and the information they need will be there.

For example, if the students have to remember a quote from a Shakespeare play, they can insert each word in a room in their house.

You are probably wondering what all this has to do with printing posters and putting them up in the classroom. Well, the point is that the posters will work in the same way. The students spend a lot of time in the classroom and they will memorise all the information that is available to them. They will know where the windows and doors are and they will know where each poster is in the room. Get it?

They will be more likely to memorise the quote because they see it everyday and it will be retained in the same way that the memory champions remember their items. It won’t be conscious remembering like with the champions, but it will work.

If you thinking of using this method, then there are more things that you can do to make the idea more successful. You could put the information that you need in bold colours and have a dull background, so that the information stands out.

You should also use some vital design rules. You shouldn’t use fonts that are too complicated or are hard to read. Use a simple font that is bold and prints clearly onto the background. If you are getting the posters printed, then you should tell the printing company why you are using them and they should take this into account then they are designing the poster.

Poster printing can sometimes be very expensive. As a teacher, you may only have a small budget for your classroom supplies and you just can’t afford to pay a company to have them printed. A solution to this would be to find a printing company with a reputation for helping customers when they have a strict budget.

If you can’t find the right company, then you could print the poster yourself on a regular printer, splitting the poster areas up to fit the A4 size paper and then sticking them up on the wall side by side. However, you should be able to find a printing company that will do you a bespoke service, within your budget.

They should just offer you cheaper options with the ink and the paper that they use. The posters are going to be in a classroom environment and they aren’t going to stay in brand new condition once the students get their hands on them. Therefore, you shouldn’t mind if the paper isn’t the best quality. Paying extra for high quality paper will just be a waste of your money.