5 Ways to Impress Your New Employer With Your Engineering Knowledge

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It is during your first weeks in your new engineering job that your employer will form the most lasting impressions about you. Regardless of what engineering vacancy you are filling or your field of expertise; if you want to develop your engineering career a sound piece of advice is to be knowledgeable in some key areas. Below are 5 topics where you can demonstrate your ‘knowhow’ that will impress your new employer.

1. The history of engineering

Every course in college or at university does have its history portion of the subject in question. The challenge is it might be some time since you qualified and at the time your attention might have been on less academic things than studying everything there was to know about engineering and its history! Imagine then how impressive it might be if you knew who Harry Ricardo was and what he was famous for. Just head over to Google and Wikipedia and you will be presented with a comprehensive list of all the good and the great in engineering and manufacturing.

2. The latest in engineering

With today’s knowledge base just a click away it is easy to keep your finger on the pulse. Read blogs and forums to find out what the latest developments are in your particular field of engineering. If your new employer is familiar with what you’re talking about, he or she is likely to be impressed. If they are not familiar then you will gain even more credibility and be considered as someone who ‘knows’ their industry.

It may be a good idea to use Google Alerts to stay updated. Google alerts are emails sent to you that contain the latest web pages, news, articles or blogs that match your search. Every time Google finds something new that matches your search, they will send the information right into your inbox. You can have as many search queries as you like!

3. Engineering related hobbies

Engineers in a particular field generally come from the same ‘mold’. Aeronautic or electronic engineers for instance, like building and flying RC model planes. Some mechanical engineers like building machines that can be used around the house. Do you have any hobbies related to your engineering field? If you do, then chances are your new employer would enjoy that hobby too and it would make a great topic for conversation.

4. Conferences you might attend

Search for some conferences that would develop you further and ask your new employer if it is possible that you can attend. Whether your employer has a budget or not, this will send a message that you want to learn more and improve yourself as an engineer. It is easy to find out where these conferences are by looking online or subscribing to an industry journal.

5. Projects you have been involved with in the past

By talking about your past projects, your new employer will be able to gauge your experience, capability and strengths. Through knowing the experience you have had, they will know what you can bring to the table.