Should You Let Your App Become a Part of a Developer’s Portfolio?

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When your application is successfully launched, there comes a question – should you allow your developers place it into their portfolio? Well, this question may arise even before the development, and it’s a very ambiguous question. On one hand, it can result in mutual promotional benefits. On the other hand, it always concerns peculiar risks that you will face. We aren’t quite speaking of the case when the company took a minor part in creating software (well, there are different cases). Hereby we mean that your company has conducted the whole development cycle, and the quality of resulting software really speaks about their skills, their competence.

What are the risks?

In case you allow the app to be placed in the portfolio, the reputation of the company will in some way affect the reputation of your software product. But you wouldn’t trust the creation of your product to a company with bad reputation, would you?

Everything depends on the level of partnership and trust between you and the company. If the company holds the lead, if it’s famous, then its name obviously scores points to your own reputation. If the company is moderately known (and it’s a common thing for software companies), it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it to make such advances. If you have already established a partnership, it will be easier to allow. If you deal for the first time with the company, you will surely have doubts. Such things are often discussed at the beginning of your collaboration – whether you need a non-disclosure agreement, or whether you are going to allow showing your future application in the portfolio.

You may dislike the idea of constantly being asked for recommendations by people contacting you and asking whether you would really speak well of the company, their attitude and quality of their work. On the other hand, companies tend not to give contacts of their partners – just links to application stores and websites.

One fact is definite – allowing your application into the portfolio is clearly a benefit for the company. It’s a perfect demonstration of their skills in the applied technologies and in the industry the application belongs to. Anyone would ask a potential contractor to show their portfolio, where developers show the works they are proud of. That’s a source of good professional reputation of the company.

What are the mutual benefits?

If the level of trust is high enough to overcome the doubts, here come benefits. Even if your development company is not topping the lists of software companies in terms of revenues, there is mutual promotion anyway. When we speak about benefits for you, we may mention people who visit the company’s website and take notice of your application. What’s more, if your software contractor developed software products, well-known in their industries, your product, being among those, scores more value in the eyes of visitors.

Even better if a company runs a blog on their website. It’s a really solid benefit – they need to promote their work, show what they are able to do – and meanwhile they will promote your application. Just a blog article about the product, shared on company’s social accounts, with links to application stores and your website, can already be a good thing for you.

See if it’s a good decision in your particular case with particular software and particular developers. Evaluate the risks and your own goals to find out how good it is for you. Undoubtedly there are cases when it’s impossible to allow it for some commercial or security reasons. Otherwise the question remains open to discussion and varies from project to project. Have you had such experience? What was your own choice?