Laundry Repair in the 21st Century

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There is a much quoted phrase around the world, which is “If it is not broke do not fix it”, and in general many of us follow this methodology in life, however when it comes to you and your commercial laundry business then this phrase should be put as far to the back of your mind as possible.

This is because there is a great deal to be said for carrying out proactive maintenance on commercial laundry equipment to ensure that it never needs repairing in the first place. Commercial laundry machines are designed for working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This means that they are designed to withstand the rigours of a hard life, however they are not superhuman and will require a helping hand to remain in tiptop condition and working as efficiently as possible.

It is key that they do work as efficiently as possible as any strain of any form placed upon the machines will result in them using extra energy in the form of electric or gas, which will actually cost your business money. As an example if a gas powered drying machine is not running as efficiently as it should do because it has not been proactively cleaned it could mean that it may use 5 to 10% more gas to do the same job. This means the gas dryer is not running efficiently as it should and costing you money, therefore proactive maintenance is an extremely good idea. In addition when taking something like a gas dryer into account then poor maintenance or total lack of maintenance could result in the machine overheating and causing a fire!

A good modern commercial laundry repair service will not only be available for you to call out, out of hours and weekends 365 days a year, but also offer you a scheduled preventative maintenance programme which will see many parts that could cause problems if they wear out to be replaced before they ever become a real life problem that needs repairing.

When it comes to your commercial laundry repair service it is always good to go for a company that believes in proactive maintenance rather than just providing a reactive repair service. Whilst there will always be the need to have a good reactive laundry repair service company that you can call out in the event of a problem, a good laundry repair service will prevent problems from a occurring in the first place.