What Should You Look for in a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company?

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Because carpets can become soiled all too easily, and grime, mud and dust collect swiftly, many businesses require the recurrent employment of a professional service that specifies in carpet cleaning. Numerous blemishes and stains will eventually appear due to years of nonstop foot traffic, and day-to-day wear and tear is an inescapable chore to endure. Bright and stylish carpeted areas will eventually look tired, drab, faded and dowdy. Some people may choose the inexpensive option of buying some foaming carpet shampoo, renting a cleaning machine, and attending to the area themselves.

Another choice is to hire an experienced carpet cleaning company instead. If none of your friends, family members or work colleagues can recommend a specific firm that can help you out, the best idea is to do an online search for “commercial carpet cleaning,” as long as you remember to narrow your search results down by identifying your location. Otherwise, you will see a copious abundance of companies offering this type of service throughout the nation.

When searching for a cleaning company, it is vital to consider a few key aspects.

Firstly, when you find the website of a cleaning company that you may want to hire, it is a good idea to verify their credentials. You can do this by reading customer-written testimonials that have been shared online, as well as looking at their website’s FAQ pages and any blog articles that they have posted. Furthermore, another useful tip is to research them through the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

Secondly, after perusing their website at length, call the company and ask some questions about their business, such as “how long have you been in the industry?” and “what formal training basics have your cleaning technicians completed?” You can also specifically inquire about the cleaning process, such as asking “do you vacuum before deep-cleaning the carpet?” and other things of this nature. Ask what criteria they use to employ members of their cleaning crews. You ideally want to find out how long the firm has been in business for, and how many years of expertise they possess. In essence, try to determine if they have a strong and reliable reputation throughout the neighborhood they serve.

Thirdly, a quick word of warning: Because the majority of clean-up firms use high-tech equipment nowadays, companies using old apparatus will also tend to use outdated cleaning techniques. You should also be aware of hard sells, as numerous cleaning companies are usually paid a commission on each job they do. Many ugly cleaning firm horror stories become well-known, such as unprofessional cleaning crews trying to pit couples against each other and exploiting weaknesses to win a possible contract.

Finally, it never hurts to ask for a discount. After all, some customer service representatives can offer unpublished reduced rates at their own discretion throughout certain times of the year.